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We Create Unique Styles For You and Your Busy Lifestyle! 

  We pride ourselves by creating ORIGINAL styles!

Our Artistry Dream Team consist of 5 HAIR ARTISTS






-All Artists are subcontractors and make their own appointments and pricing. 

Let me introduce you to the DREAM TEAM.

The Founder , Nakisha ShhmoneyCurl Camacho

I am Nakisha (Shhmoneycurl) Camacho. I founded Hair Artistry in July 2017. My job is to educate my clients on hair care, while giving them BOMB ass HAIR. I am a Master Colorist and Curly Hair Expert ! I'm truly blessed to be able to say at the age of 24 I followed my dreams and became a Business Owner. You can read more about my journey  by visiting my personal website -> I proudly present my very own salon; HAIR ARTISTRY FULL SERVICE SALON!

Head Barber , Felix Camacho

Felix is our Head Barber at Hair Artistry. Felix has been cutting hair for 4 years and has dominated the Fade Game. When it comes to kid cuts, fades, beards, and hot towel facials he does it all! The detail he puts in his work speaks volumes when you hear his name in SWFL. 

Book now with Felix by visiting his social media sites and contacting him directly. By appointments Only. Felix's New Client Pricing Starts at $35.00. 


Head Hair Artist , Susie A

Susie is our Head Hair Artist and have been with Hair Artistry going on a year. Susie was personally trained by Shhmoneycurl herself. 6 months of training Susie is a Camacho Curly Cut Specialist! But her talent doesn't stop there. Susie also is our Dread Specialist.

*Curly Hair Specialist

*Dread Specialist


*Vivid Colors 

...and more

Book now with Susie and receive 10$ off your first visit  

Senior Hair Artist , Micheal (Mac)

Micheal has over 30+ years in our industry and we are blessed to have him with us. Not only has he been a stylist over 30+ years but also has owned 2 salons , and was an educator for 10+ years.

Also known as Mac , he is a subcontractor  and makes his own schedule and pricing.

Available : 

Thursday (10am-5pm)

Friday (10am-5pm)

Saturday (10am-5pm)


*Curly Hair 

*Perm specialist 


*Pixie cuts 

...and more

Book now with Micheal and receive 10$ off your first visit  

Nail Artist , Aubree 

Aubree is our Senior Nail Artist, with over 7 years experience. She is a subcontractor and makes her own schedule.  

Known for her beautiful sculpture nails , amazing free hand designs , and natural manicures. 

Available : 






Follow her on social media : @Nails_by_Aubree

Book now with Aubree by messaging her on social media or by calling 2395407779

Barber & Hair Artist , Jessie  

Jessie is one of our senior Barbers, but also a licensed Cosmo!

With over 7 years in the industry she does it all!

*Kid cuts


*Scissor over comb technique



*Perms and more!! 


Follow her on social media : @JessieHecei

Book now with Jessie and receive 10$ off your first visit. 

Hair Artist  , Naysha B

Naysha has a little over a year experience in our industry and currently is a Junior Stylist working side by side by Shhmoney and currently available on the floor Thurday-Saturday 10am-7pm.

Nay is currently running a special of 50% off one service special until Dec 1. So book your appointments now !


Follow her on social media : @Beauty_by_Nay_

Book now with Naysha and receive 50% off your first visit.