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We Create Unique Styles For You and Your Busy Lifestyle! 

  We pride ourselves by creating ORIGINAL styles!

Our Artistry Dream Team consist of 5 HAIR ARTISTS and 1 Nail Artist






-All Artists are subcontractors and make their own appointments and pricing. 

Let me introduce you to the DREAM TEAM.

The Founder , Nakisha ShhmoneyCurl Camacho

I am Nakisha (Shhmoneycurl) Camacho. I founded Hair Artistry in July 2017. My job is to educate my clients on hair care, while giving them BOMB ass HAIR. I am a Master Colorist and Curly Hair Expert ! I'm truly blessed to be able to say at the age of 24 I followed my dreams and became a Business Owner. You can read more about my journey  by visiting my personal website -> I proudly present my very own salon; HAIR ARTISTRY FULL SERVICE SALON!

Manager & Artist , Susie A

Susie is our Head Hair Artist and have been with Hair Artistry going on 2years. Susie was personally trained by Shhmoneycurl herself.  Susie is a Camacho Curly Cut Specialist! But her talent doesn't stop there. Susie also is our Dread Specialist.

*Curly Hair Specialist

*Dread Specialist


*Vivid Colors 

...and more

Book now with Susie and receive 10$ off your first visit  

Senior Hair Artist , Micheal (Mac)

Micheal has over 30+ years in our industry and we are blessed to have him with us. Not only has he been a stylist over 30+ years but also has owned 2 salons , and was an educator for 10+ years.

Also known as Mac , he is a subcontractor  and makes his own schedule and pricing.

Available : 

Thursday (10am-5pm)

Friday (10am-5pm)

Saturday (10am-5pm)


*Curly Hair 

*Perm specialist 


*Pixie cuts 

...and more

Book now with Micheal and receive 10$ off your first visit  

Barber & Hair Artist , Jessie  

Jessie is one of our senior Barbers, but also a licensed Cosmo!

With over 7 years in the industry she does it all!

*Kid cuts


*Scissor over comb technique



*Perms and more!! 


Follow her on social media : @JessieHecei

Book now with Jessie and receive 10$ off your first visit.